Ancient Coin Necklaces - Horse, Lion, Pegasus or Stag

  • Sterling silver coins from Ancient Greece are adorned with Diamonds, sapphires, or birthstones set in gold and 18k gold bails. These coins are replicas, casts of originals which I own. Available is several styles with sterling silver long and short chains. 

    Each coin may be customized. Please contact me with requests.

    Horse Coin: Dates from 350-325 BC from Ancient Greece, city of Larissa in Thessaly. Silver Drachma. A Thessalian horse is depicted on one side and the head of nymph Larissa on the other.

    Lion Coin: Dates from 305-290 BC from Ancient Greece, city of Velia in Lucania, which is now Southern Italy. Silver Drachma. A beautiful example depicting a walking lion on one side and Athena wearing a winged crested helmet on the other. 

    Pegasus Coin: Minted between 317-310BC in the Corinthian colony of Lokroi in Bruttium, Southern Italy. The region is now known as Calabria. Silver Didrachm or italic stater. Depicts a flying Pegasus on one side and Athena in a Corinthian helmet on the other.

    Stag Coin: Dates from 370-360 BC. This coin is associated with the temple of Artemis, one of the now lost seven wonders of the world. 



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