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Ashton working jewelers bench making custom fine jewelry and setting diamonds

About Ashton Jewelry

Custom Handcrafted Fine Jewelry

The Lure of Handmade 
There is inherent value in handmade jewelry. It takes an incredible amount of time to produce just one piece of jewelry, and each piece receives the utmost attention to detail.

The Raw Materials
Bold and graceful, my jewelry is handcrafted and custom made from recycled fine silver (999), sterling silver (925), 18k and 24k gold. The diamonds, sapphires and other precious gemstones are ethically sourced. Leftover materials go into a scrap jar and are melted and reused to create other pieces of jewelry. I also repurpose customer’s jewelry or family heirlooms, reusing their gold, gemstones and diamonds. Every piece of Ashton Jewelry is crafted with the environment in mind... It’s simple, it's worth more alive.

The Etching Process
Etching is a process using a resist and acid to add textures and designs to metal. After 
melting, hammering, forming and cleaning the piece, I use a pancake griddle, computer circuit board paper or asphaltum and an acid bath to etch and create distinct designs incised in the metal. The process takes several days to complete.

About Me
I am a Colorado jeweler who fell in love with metalsmithing in high school, winning an award for one of my first pieces. An MBA, consulting career, and two children later; I returned to my artistic craft and focus upon making stylish & elegant jewelry that I enjoy wearing. Enjoy!

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